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At Everybody Hears Professional Hearing Centers, we are here to educate our patients about hearing loss and their options for hearing aids. If you have a question you don’t see answered below, contact us today. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you anyway we can.

The average person waits 8 years after noticing a hearing loss before seeing a hearing specialist. The problem is the longer you wait to get help, the more your ears, and the more your brain, forget how to use the sounds that have been missing. It makes learning to use hearing aids more difficult and makes the process take even longer because the brain has to relearn sound cues. The sooner you manage your hearing loss with hearing aids the more successful you will be hearing again.

Hearing aids today are sleek in design and nearly invisible. Hearing aids used to be big and bulky, but with today’s technology they are incredibly small and discreet. Hearing aids also come in a variety of styles and different colors to suit your unique preferences. 

Although hearing aids won’t restore your hearing to what it was before you had hearing loss, they will greatly improve your current hearing ability. Hearing aids are designed to provide quality sound amplification, filter background noise, and help your brain process sounds. Nothing will restore your hearing but hearing aids will allow you to hear better than you have in years.

There are multiple causes to hearing loss. The most common cause of hearing loss is simply the result of the aging process. Some other causes include exposure to loud noise, toxic medications, head or ear trauma, and malformation of the outer or inner ear. Regardless of the cause of your hearing loss it’s important to manage it with hearing aids.

When properly cared for, hearing aids can last 5-7 years. It’s important to clean your hearing aids regularly and bring them in every 4 months for check-ups and maintenance. This will ensure that your hearing aids are in optimal condition and working their best for you. Although hearing aids can last for many years, most patients upgrade their devices after 4 years to take advantage of the new technology.

With Bluetooth hearing aids you can connect them directly to your smartphone. Depending on your brand of hearing aids, there is a corresponding app that you can download so you can control the volume on your devices and adjust them to your listening environments. Talk to us about Bluetooth hearing aids and we will walk you through the process of downloading the app and using them.

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