Today's Hearing Technology

Hearing technology is exploding with new devices, more robust programming, and approaches to helping people hear that were unheard of just a few years ago. Bluetooth connectivity is making it possible for patients to take control of their hearing aids in new and exciting ways and making it easier for those with hearing loss to focus and function more easily in even the most difficult listening environments.

Cell Phones and Hearing Aids

Cell Phone Connectivity

A number of hearing aids now can connect with cell phones, making it easier for those with a loss to carry out cell phone conversations, and the connection is hands-free as well! The signal from the cell phone can be sent to either a streamer, or in some cases directly to the phone, and the conversation is fed directly into the ears via the hearing aids, all without that annoying feedback of past instruments. Now it’s possible to hear phone conversations in both ears, which can be a tremendous help in better understanding the communication.

Repair & Maintenance

Our office has several different products and programs to give you the very best hearing experience possible. One of our great programs is the EarQ Secure Warranty! Because of our affiliation with EarQ, we can offer their Secure Warranty on EarQ hearing devices. This can give you some great peace of mind knowing that for the first 4 years, normal wear and tear are covered for parts and labor, should there be a problem.

Hearing Aid CheckupOur office believes in follow-up care, and we routinely schedule our patients for a checkup one week after they get their new devices and then on a quarterly basis for the first year. We do this to make sure that your ears are clear, the devices are clean of debris, and that you are not facing any challenges that need to be addressed. After the first year, we recheck your hearing on an annual basis to make sure the aids stay properly adjusted for your use.

On the occasion that the hearing aids may need servicing, we stand ready and willing to help, even if you are on a trip. One quick call to the office, and we will do everything in our power to get the situation resolved quickly and efficiently. As Denny, our Audioprosthologist, likes to tell our patients, "I absolutely and positively guarantee that I will never fix anything that is wrong with your hearing aid that I don't know about. We are a team, and for us to best serve you, our patient, we need you to let us know immediately when a challenge pops up. That way we can get in your corner to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible!”


EarQ Secure WarrantyOur office offers a number of brands of hearing devices, and we specialize more intently on a few primary vendors. Our predominant brand is EarQ devices with the EarQ Secure Warranty. We also offer most other manufacturers and are happy to discuss any technology from any company. We primarily use EarQ hearing devices due to superior service and technologies, honest business practices within the industry, and plans that ultimately benefit you, the patient.

When working with the better companies, they understand the importance of keeping you, the patient, as the primary focus. Without you, there isn’t any purpose for our existence! EarQ understands keeping the focus on the patient and serving their needs to help them succeed in better, clearer hearing.

Hearing Aid Brands

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